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Job Openings

Job openings

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Direct sales
Mid-Market Sales Manager Bucharest, Romania
Regional Sales Manager Israel, Israel
Regional Sales Manager Flexible, Flexible
PHP Developer - Connectors Team Bucharest, Romania
Agile Project Manager Bucharest, Romania
Data Engineer Bucharest, Romania
DevOps Engineer Bucharest, Romania
PHP Developer - Channels Team Bucharest, Romania
Database Administrator Bucharest, Romania
DevOps Engineer Bucharest, Romania
Senior Network Administrator Bucharest, Romania
Product Management
API Product Owner Bucharest, Romania
UX Designer Bucharest, Romania
Shopper Support
Customer Service Representative Bucharest, Romania
Customer Service Representative with French Bucharest, Romania

Our mission is to bring the benefits of state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence to the medical industry & thus bringing about a better tomorrow.

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